Concept Description

The MonobaseWind has been developed as an efficient foundation system for the future XXL wind turbines. It offers a solution for the larger waterdepths and for locations with difficult geotechnical conditions. The system also solves the challenges to install a heavy foundation and a turbines in an offshore environment. This is done by utilising a Integrated Float to Fix system that will be installed in one offshore operation without the need for a crane barge or jack-up. Main advantage of this system is the reduced offshore weather risk for installation. The weather sensitivity is very good, the offshore operation duration is short and the installation equipment consists only of standard tugs and support vessels with manageable day rates. Main features of the concept are:

  • Suitable for large waterdepths and difficult soil conditions
  • Foundation can be fabricated from concrete, steel or both using standard fabrication facilities and methods
  • Transport and installation is cost efficient and with low weather risk and low environmental impact
  • T&I spread cost is low which reduces cost exposure while waiting on weather
  • Decommissioning costs are low and nothing stays behind


The oil and Gas offshore industry has developed many platform types and methods to install them over the last 60 years. Although the project specific requirements for offshore wind is quite different from the Oil & Gas a lot of useful know-how and experience can be drained from this industry. Main difference is that an Oil & gas platform is usually a one-off, while for Offshore wind large batches of the same foundation are required.