The assembled MonobaseWind including wind turbine will be towed to the installation location using standard tugs.
  • Meets all normal offshore stability requirements
  • Self floating transportated to offshore site
  • Tow Speed 4-5 konts with 100 Ton BP tug
  • Low accelerations on Nacelle
  • Designed for in-field waiting on weather
  • Transport designed for unrestricted tow
  • Limited weather risk and very good seakeeping behaviour



If required the seabed will be prepared to recieve the gravity base. This geotechnical conditions will determine wether it is required to do extensive bottom prepration like dredgers or rock dumping. After the bottom preperation the MonobaseWind will arrive in the field and the installtion will start. The MonoBaseWind will be lowered in two steps onto the seabed by flooding the ballast compartments with seawater.

  • Fast and save offshore operation
  • No crane vessel or other bespoke vessel required for installation
  • Low noise emission and environmental disturbance
  • Limited weather risk

Floating Assembly

Using a sheltered deepwater location the turbine assembly made more easy by lowering the foot reducing the required lifting height.