Historic page


Monobase Concept invented

This year the invention was made and a patent was filed.


Launched the concept

This year the concept was launched on the internet and a press release was issued.


Short Listed for the Siragrunnen project

MonoBaseWind had been short listed for the Siragrunnen wind farm EPCI tender. The project involved around 40 gravity base foundations and utilises the unique possibility of the concept to install the complete unit in one offshore operation. This tender and the pre-qualification is an important step for the concept and shows the trust of the industry in the technology.


Nominated for the 2014 KIVI Inginious Award

MonobaseWind has been nominated for the “Vernufteling” election organised by The Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI). The”Vernufteling” is the annual award which is awarded to the consulting or engineering firm that sends in the most imaginative project.


Modeltest awarded

MonoBaseWind has been awarded a free two week modeltest slot at the MARIN maritime research institute.


MonobaseWind b.v. established

MonoBaseWind b,v, was established in 2014 as a joint venture of Orca Offshore, Venture Counsels and Edmelja.


State Funding recieved

MonoBaseWind recieved a substantial funding grant from the Netherlands FMinistry of Finance. The grant has been used to perform a full basic design of the Monobase concept specifically for the Borselle Kavel V demonstrator site.


Borselle Kavel V Design completed

The Borselle Kavel V demonstrator design has been closed. The work has been done together with RoyalHaskoningDHV, MARIN, KCI, Van Hattum en Blankenvoort and Keppel Verolme.