Self Installing Gravity Base

MonoBaseWind offers the foundation and installation solutions for the next generation 10 MW+ XXL wind turbines which are expected to be on the market in the next decade. The concept is a gravity based foundation which has the capacity to carry the next generation giant turbines combining;

  • minimum Environmental impact,
  • low CO2 footprint,
  • ecological friendly,
  • cost efficient,
  • low construction risk,
  • high local content.



The MonoBaseWind gravity base foundation is engineered to allow for assembly of the foundation, tower and turbine inshore and installation offshore without piling and the use of expensive crane vessels. The MonobaseWind concept is competitive with other foundations once manufactured in series, significantly cheaper to maintain than existing concepts and easier to decommission. These items provide a guaranteed cost saving and lower LCoE of offshore wind energy.

Our Partners

The following companies have contributed to the development of the MonobaseWind:


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